TV Portal Quirks

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Reporting a couple of funnies I've noticed, nothing to be done about them though:

1. The front page of the TV Portal on the HDR-FOX T2 shows a picture of the HD-FOX. The front page on the HD-FOX shows the HDR-FOX. Odd. Why show a picture at all?

2. The sound-track volume of iPlayer is much louder than playback of streamed recordings (noticed on the HD-FOX). I've not paid attention, but I suspect it is louder than the equivalent on live TV and local playback as well.
1. The portal is a generic site for humax devices. The picture covers up the content other boxes see. If you load the portal on a PC you will see what i mean. It shows the HD box on the HDR and vice-versa because its an advert.

2. Correct, and it was noted at launch. Its either a BBC issue or a Humax issue. I suspect BBC.