TV Portal

More information would be useful, including your method of connection to your network.

Have you tried rebooting your box and then trying again?
It will be part of this discussion

Like the portal is down.

Interesting that the other elements of portal are working from the custom menu, internet radio [I'm on .20], wiki etc as you pick them off one by one from the drop down, but not BBC iplayer on 2 or original portal. The BBC big screen address via PC is fine which doesn't work if it's the BBC's fault [rule of thumb], so it's the Humax side as Chris said on that thread.

Been off doing other things for a year like work, but impressed with the Custom software and you guys.... must make a donation.
Same for me, i'm in the process of modding my hummy with the custom software (well, just about to) and thought i'd bust something before i got started! Says it's starting, shows TV Portal in the display window, and confirms exit. Reset to factory, reset modem and router too, without success. Glad to hear it's not me!
Still nothing past Wednesday next. Cleared browser caches - maybe it's stuck in a cache somewhere upstream.
Err... I think the wires have crossed. This topic is talking about the availability of the TV Portal, not the EPG update on the RS site.