TV re-tune

ron eccles

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April 10th, my TV needs a re-tune. I have a list of channels to re-tune to on April 14th. (must be early). I have re-tuned to...
54- DTV2
I do this because I receive Granada and Welsh TV and I do not require the Welsh channels.
Trouble is I now do not receive any BBC channels apart from HD.
Does anybody know the new channels for BBC?
If you receive from the main Winter Hill transmitter, the frequencies in your post are correct, the BBC channels are on 50.
They are all OK for me, I retuned at 6am this morning.
Can you confirm that you receive from the main Winter Hill transmitter?, or do you receive from one of its relays?
Where did you get the April 14th date?
All OK here for me too. Had to retune 2 TV's, 2 PVR's and my PC TV card. All went without a hitch.
AFAIK, the Winter Hill retune date has always been on the 10th April
Hi Brian. I live in Hellifield N.Yorks. My signal comes from Winter Hill but is also in line with Moel Y Parc. To stop receiving the Welsh programs I posed the Question on a Humax site which I cannot remember. I got the response and was directed to DigitalUK. This was last year sometime. I have however just found the link again and checked. The channel numbers I have tuned are the ones listed, but for some reason the BBC channels all have O in front of them. When I press the Guide button and scroll through channels, BBC1,2,3,4 are missing, also Dave and Pick TV and a few more all have ) against them. Pressing button 1 on the handset, shows on the box, then goes to 4 and Channel four comes on the TV.
I will have to try an Auto Search and then delete all the unwanted channels. Unfortunately in the past BBC1 Wales usually comes up as 1 and BBC2 Wales as 2, which is a bummer when quickly trying to change channels, I have to search for normal BBC1 & 2. Yesterday all was well so I am at a loss to where they have gone.
Sorry about the mix up with dates, I was working off memory. When I look back it said April 13, my brain remembered April 14th, Doh!
When you retuned, did you delete all channels first? If not, do you have any channels in the 800's, your missing channels could be there.
No I did not delete any channels, I just re-tuned. I have noticed that the missing channels are all O and follow Dave Ja View on 791. Does that mean anything. Even so, there is still nothing there when selected.
I have just deleted all channels and done an Auto tune as opposed to manual. So now I have all the Welsh programs as well. everything is mixed up as so
101 BBC1 Wales HD
102 BBC2 HD
103 ITV HD
104 Channel4 HD
1 BBC1 Wales
2 BBC2 Wales
3 ITV Wales
4 S4/C
800 BBC1
801 BBC2
807 BBC1 HD
I can delete programs, but is there any way to move them? As in moving BBC1 to the BBC1 Wales position, and then deleting BBC1 Wales, and so on. When I have tried deleting in the past, all I manage to do is delete 1,2 etc so BBC1 is still on 800 etc.
While watching TV press remote control OK. button to show TV channels on the left hand side, use arrow keys to select a channel and then press Info. this will display a box showing the channel name and the UHF channel number e.g. 10 ITV Ch42 642000kHz, 8MHz (for my TV region), make a note of the 6 Ch numbers you want to keep and then do a Manual Rescan, Notes HERE
Morning all. I seem to have it sorted. I retuned two TV's and the correct channels went where they should, them I re-tuned the Humax for the fourth time and that now has them in the correct places also. Must have been taking the signals a bit longer to reach my box from Winter Hill.
Thanks for all your time. Now all I need i some decent programs to watch.