TV Reception Switched Off Whilst Viewing



I have a HDR Fox T2 recorder, purchased in May 2011, and connected to a Hitachi L26H01 TV (originally via HDMI 1). But I have found that the TV reception has been switched off a number of times whilst viewing when a recording was imminent (leaving a blue screen).

A specific instance occurred around 15 mins before a BBC4 programme was set to record at 7:00 pm (Sunday 5 June 2011).

It was thought to be BBC-specific, but it's also subsequently occurred on 7-8 evenings for ITV4 at around 15-20 mins before 7:00 pm each evening (and only whilst set to record at 7:00 pm, 5 July 2011 onwards, HDMI-2 connection).

This is primarily for information, but if anybody knows of a fix, then I'd be grateful for further details.

This is a similar fault which has just occurred with my 2 year old. When it boots it displays the TV picture for about ten seconds and then goes to, in my case, green screen. The display indicates it is responding to the remote but there is nothing on screen. Disconnect of the mains overnight was not a cure.
Sorry! False alarm. Was caused by poor HDMI cable connection into my AV amp.