Twinkling display



I have recently (after the Portal firmware update) noticed the display on my HD Fox T2 "twinkling". All of the various elements light up at random. Somebody else who has this described it as a "shimmering" effect when I noted it on the AVForums site.

It does not appear to be the same as the "chasing snake" boot up problem caused by blown capacitors in the HD Foxsat - a well known fault that Humax really should address properly and not claim that the fault is outside a warranty period.

Two others on the AVForum site have noted this. Could it be the software for the Portal or the changed reserved programme checking sequence from the recording feature?
Many thanks, I notice that new firmware is also scheduled for the HDR. I hope this is not another case of Humax finding that a single update is not compatible for both. If you remember, that's what happened with the original Portal software.
I have the latest software (1.02.20)but still see this issue occasionally.

Sometimes see it on the Foxsat too.