Two boxes different list of movies..

Brian Dawson

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I have two Humax HDR-FOX T2 boxes identically configured with same channels deleted and identical favourite channels. If I choose guide, find, genre, movies on each box I get a different list of 400 movies displayed. I wondered why this was the case out of curiosity..
It's an interesting observation - no idea!
Are they linked up to remote scheduling at all? (I notice you posted in customised firmware).. if so, do they show the same results if you check on there?
This has come up before.
In 2014 I gave up after 2 years of trying to notice a pattern to what was found out of the 400+ it could have chosen for the 400 limit.

I suspect that it is a knock on effect of the harvesting of the epg from the broadcast resulting in the physical storage being of a different sequence and the epg query of those events not being fully indexed sort wise, and then only sorted after the 400 limit is reached.

For a full result list there is the webif epg search.

Another frequent quirk of when there are a lot of "Movie" results is if you sort them using the blue button into A-Z sequence the sorted results first include about 320 of those results sorted A-Z then this is followed by the other 80 after that sorted in to a smaller list that goes from A-Z. This quirk doesn't happen every time but once it does happen it continues like that for at least a few days.
I've also seen something similar on some of the other Genre results. E.g. When retried it just now for 'Education'. There were 150 results split into two A-Z lists of 126 results followed by a separately sorted list of 24 results.