Two Fox HDR T2 Boxes, Can I copy recording schedules across

I have two separate HDR Fox T2 boxes in different rooms and instead of manually programming recordings on each one, is it possible to copy the recording schedule between boxes, so I only have to set these once? They are on the same local network.


Ezra Pound

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If you have the standard 'Humax' software running, the answer is no, even with the Custom Firmware running you would need to copy a schedule/favourites back-up from one Humax to the other, this has never been tried as far as I'm aware. I might as well ask (Before some one else does) why you would want to record the same programs on both boxes


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Just for flexibility on which room I can watch the recorded program, and before someone asks about simply piping the HDMI to the other room, two boxes give greater flexibility for occupants of each room.

Black Hole

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But you can watch the programmes recorded on the other box simply by networking them together and turning on Content Sharing (or using the custom software networking facilities).