Two FOXSAT HDR but incompatible recordings


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A couple of weeks ago I came across a Foxsat HDR for £15 in a house clearance place. Knocked them down to £13 and made a purchase not expecting much. Though if nothing else it would be a spare remote. In fact getting it home and connecting to the TV the recorded video on it was awful. Cleaned the exterior and remote(tea/coffee stains), and checked the power supply capacitors weren't blown, and connected it to my dish, and it all came good, perfect in fact.
The thing that surprised me was that my existing FoxsatHDR external hard disk on which I store concerts wouldn't play back through the machine. It would see and list the files ,but would say they were incompatible.
Likewise the new machine anything recorded on a connected external hard wont play back on my old machine.
Thanks to this forum I knew that Foxsat and Fox T2 recordings weren't compatible ,but was surprised that Two FOXSAT HDRs weren't .
The software is the same but the loader is different on one machine
Not a problem, just found it interesting.
Rigging up a quad LNB to connect both machines, and probably dedicate one to HD only ,deleting all the sd channels.
As I say just a point of interest


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The Foxsat encrypts HD recordings with a key that is unique to each box so they won't play on another Foxsat. You should still be able to play SD recordings though.


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SD recordings should be interchangeable. HD recordings on a standard machine are encrypted with a key unique to that specific machine. However if you install the Custom Firmware (See DS Forums) you can arrange for future HD recordings to not be encrypted so will work on either box or on your PC/Tablet etc. The CF also allows one box to replay recordings directly from the other box using your network (including HD recorded without encryption) You can also watch these using a networked HDR FOX T2. Without the CF you can record HD without encryption using non-freesat mode but you have to manually initiate the recordings (switch to non-freesat) and reboot.