Two lots of every channel.


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I live more-or-less between two transmitters... Sutton Coldfield & Winter Hill

Hence I get pretty much two lots of everything.
The Sutton Coldfield signals are much better than the Winter Hill ones.
The trouble is when I tuned in the new box it picked up the Winter Hill first and put them at 1- 80 as normal. The ones from Sutton Coldfield are in the 800's and 1000's.

I know I delete the channels that are not good and breaking up. But how do I renumber a channel.
For instance I get BBC NW on channel 1. Signal is rubbish and breaking up.
I get BBC Midlands on channel 899. Signal is superb.
If I delete BBC NW, I no longer have any channel 1. So how do I move BBC Midlands from channel 899 to 1.
I have the same issues with most channels... all the ones with decent signals are at 800+

If I can't move them then I know I can do a full retune... but how do I do it manually?