Twonky server causing crash.

I have been told that the WD MyCloud device is causing my T2 to crash and it seems to be true because it doesn't crash if I disconnect from the MyCloud from the network.

It is known that twonky running on the network is causing it and I need to downgrade to a lover version of twin my but I drink know how to do that, I have got into the mycloud dashboard and twonky dash via port 9000 of the MyCloud, here is where I'm stuck, I can't see anywhere to upgrade/downgrade the DLNA server.

Has anyone had any experience of this or able to help?

Thanks for any help.

I have also installed custom FW to the T2 and added the DLNA filter and added the IP of the MyCloud into the settings in webif but it has not stopped the reboots.

I did turn off content share on the T2 then reset DLNA database and then turn on the content share again and that caused a crash.

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Ok I think I have sorted my issue, in the dlna filter setting in webif in custom FW I was putting the wrong ip (, should have been. 0.13). I have restarted both of my T2s, mycloud and my Philips Hue set and I have not had any reboots on the t2 yet. What a gimp eh.

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