Unable to access both boxes since creating an Ethernet share with Raspberry Pi


I want eventually to create a Wake on WAN facility for a Linux machine.

To date I have a pi connected via an Ethernet cable to the Linux machine. The pi has a wifi adaptor and is connected to the router.

From the Linux machine I am able to browse shares on a Windows 10 machine and on the pi. All machines have internet access and in addition I have a VNC connection with the pi which runs headless.

Since creating this share I can no longer access the Humax boxes and the smart tv. The Windows machine and the pi both use a 'WORKGROUP' setting and prior to allocating that, both also could not be accessed. With the group setting I can access both now So, I am wondering if I need a WORKGROUP setting on the Humax boxes and TV.

However, I understand the Humax boxes don't use groups and the tv does not have such a setting. So, am I right?

Sorted it -nothing to do with workgroups.
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