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Unable to delete a number of .hmt files


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I have a number of .hmt files on a Humax HDR box that I can't delete.
I have tried via Filezilla ftp and a telnet session, neither allows it.
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 14.34.36.png
The file permissions can't be changed.
Status: Deleting "/mnt/hd3/Video/World War II_ The Last Heroes_20111022_2000.hmt"
Command: DELE World War II_ The Last Heroes_20111022_2000.hmt
Response: 550 Delete operation failed.

The customised firmware log shows:
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 15.22.55.png
Anyone seen this before/resolved it?



Super Moderator
Staff member
You need to use quote marks if there is a space in the file name so try something like

rm "*9_11_ Day that Changed the World*"

(Note I have used a wild card as I am not sure what the "?" are doing.).


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Thanks Martin for putting me on the right track.

I used the below cmd and it worked. Suspect there was some unprintable character in the file name. Anyhow it worked.


rm -i -- *

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 18.44.09.png


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Suspect there was some unprintable character in the file name. Anyhow it worked.
Yes, I had terrible trouble getting rid of a load of files on one of these FoxSat boxes. It was unprintable characters (the ? is not really a question mark).
I think I ended up renaming and the deleting, as just deleting first off wouldn't work.