Unable to make 2nd recording


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I had a bit of a weird issue tonight. I went to setup a 2nd scheduled recording via the UI and the STB reported a recording conflict even though only 1 other recording was scheduled at that time period. I ended up having to delete the series link for Click so I could setup the link for the movie. Once that was setup the box was then happy to let me setup the Click series link again. Weird...



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From that image it also thought you had a recording scheduled to end at 1:45 and another recording scheduled to start at 2:00. Cancelling/stopping either of those would still have left a clash.
Was the one scheuled to end at 1:45 a scheduled event or an instant record, possibly The Stag on 4 HD instead of 4+1 HD? And did you ever intend to record a programme that started at 2:00?


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There were no other scheduled or instant recordings. The only 2 shows recorded after 1am were the two shown on the screenshot. Something about my existing Click series link caused the box to think there was a Clash when plainly there was not.

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