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Unable to play FTP'd files from HDR-FOX T2


Hi there,

I installed the patched HDF 1.02.20 file this morning and as able to FTP in download to my Mac a bunch of files i've been wanting to get off for some time as USB is just too slow.

Unfortunately however, none of them play - HandBrake and VLC won't recognise them.

I tried opening one on my PC using Video Redo (which normally works fine with shows i've taken off via USB) and got the following error...

No PMT (Map Tables) found in this transport stream

None of the files i downloaded are HD, so i'm assuming they're not encrypted.

The files sizes are all good, so everything download correctly i think.

Anyone know what the issue might be?



Well-Known Member
All the files the HDR-FOX T2 record are encrypted, copying SD to usb removes the encryption. Using Foxy, HD can also be decrypted on copying. There is thread on here involving copying to a vitual usb drive to do the same trick.

EDIT Martin's a faster typist than my one finger efforts :)


Ah right - i thought it was just HD files!

Thanks for the info, will look into it further.