[undelete] package released!

Update WebIf to 1.4.9-8 regardless. I don't think it'll change anything regarding this though.
It works for me. I tried deleting a .m4a and a .ts (with sidecars) from /media/drive2.
None of the files ended up in the bin.
As usual, more detail is required in problem reports.
Your PR was against your own master, but it seems that af123 applied the commit to hummypkg/master anyway.
I think in the early days I wasn't authorized to raise pull requests on hummypkg and I was very git naive at the time but it was eventually sorted out so we now to work out why it doesn't appear to be working for @rodp
Apologies for the delayed reply - I have since updated to the new version of undelete but got crashing issues. So I've been busy sorting that out. That seems to have settled down now and so I will go back and test to see what happens. I'll come back shortly.