Unencryption again (sorry)

Trying to get auto unencyption working again. Unencrypt has not been working for some time (DLNA server crashed message). I notice that auto decrypt is now the preferred method, but I don't seem to have this in the package list. Do I need to upgrade to the latest firmware? I'm currently on 2.11

Auto-decrypt is an option on the WebIF media browser OPT+ button. As per Method 2 in the full decryption run-down HERE (click), to auto-decrypt everything, back the media browser up to /media and set the recursive auto-decrypt flag on the My Video folder. It is useful to have the undelete package installed, which means the original encrypted recording can be recovered if anything goes wrong with the decryption.

You still need the DLNA server running though.
Thanks - got that and it seems to be working now. I assumed I needed to install a package. Couple of further questions:

Is there a log file produced so I can check what it has done Found it
Is it now safe from damaging recordings (as the previous unencrypt was prone to do if run during recording) I seem to get disturbance to recording (or at least delayed play back) at the time one decrypt finishes, and the next starts.
The latest Custom Firmware 2.17 (and 2.18 TBA) has changes ' to reduce likelihood of stealing CPU time from the main Humax TV application' so if you running an earlier version I would suggest an upgrade
Glitches can also be associated with disk problems, try a clean-up using the Telnet menu: boot to maintenance mode and then select "fix disk".