Unit pauses tv when powering up

Brian Harrison

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Only had the unit 3 weeks but have noticed that when it powers up prior to recording a program the tv screen goes blank for about 15 seconds or so then it returns to the channel being viewed. I can't seem to find any reference to this. My Question is, is this a normal procedure ? If so it is most annoying.


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I think it will depend on the TV and the method of connecting the HDR (Scart or HDMI). My stab in the dark would be Panasonic and HDMI but please tell us and perhaps there's someone with the same setup who can help you.
I assume that the scenario is: you are watching TV with a scheduled recording and the Hummy in standby and the blank screen appears when the Hummy comes out of sleep mode to record the programme (But still not fully awake). If your scenario is not as I have guessed at, perhaps you could describe it a bit more concisely than you have done above, so that we can fully understand what's going on.
Does your TV auto switch to the Hummy when you switch on the Hummy?
PS I have Sony TV with HDMI connection and it certainly does not do anything like that.

Brian Harrison

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Thanks for your reply, my set up is a Panasonic fed via an HDMI from my Humax HDR, and yes your scenario is correct.
And No my tv does not switch to the Humax when I switch it on.

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perhaps you could describe it a bit more concisely than you have done above

Or even precisely?

I don't see it as normal behaviour. I had HDMI CEC on for a while and did note that my TV switched channel if I connected my Chromecast, but only when connected to an HDMI port on the TV that had higher priority. Swapping the cables over might help? Or is this madness? Who knows?

What I do still get, though, is the TV blanking for maybe 5--10 seconds shortly after changing the Foxsat HDR to an HD channel. This doesn't happen when I change the TV to an HD channel, nor the HDR Fox T2 to an HD channel, nor the crummy Youview box to an HD channel, nor even when my Blu-Ray play sends HD content to the Amp and on to the TV, so I assume it is a Foxsat HDR fault?