Unresponsive crashed hummy - common occurrence ? Any likely causes ?

Tim Day

A few weeks ago we received a warrany replacement from Humax following what appeared to be disk problems with the original box.

Unfortunately the new box doesn't seem to be as problem free as we'd like... on 4 occasions now I've gone to switch it on with the remote and found it completely unresponsive. Front panel buttons have no effect. The one sign of life is the time continues to scroll across the LED panel (next time it crashes I really must remember to try and ping/ftp it). Only way to get it back to life seems to be to power cycle it. Generally discover it will have missed recording(s) when it's back. After the first couple of crashes I ditched the HD channels, after the next one I reenabled the auto-off power saving, but then found it had died yet again when I got home today. Most annoying; I really like what the hummy does... but it needs to be reliable.

Anyone else had similar troubles ?

(Worst case scenario: anyone know if humax operate a "revolving door" on warranty replacements (ie is this likely to be a box someone else has returned because of trouble, but then if it's infrequent enough that Humax can't immediately easily reproduce it they just send it out again as tested and working ?) I've heard of some cynical companies operating such policies on the grounds that a troublesome device will just eventually end up with someone who won't make a fuss/will put up with a semi-dud. But the warranty replacement process was smooth enough I'd hope this isn't the case...)
Arrgh! 2 more occurrences of "dead-box until power cycled" since I posted that.

(Dead includes not responding to pings or FTP but that doesn't mean much with the power-saving enabled.)

Will be calling support again on Monday.
Here's a thought: take a note of the serial number of the box you are returning, and we'll have a thread on here which records returned S/Ns and what was wrong with them. We are presumably only a small percentage of the total Hummy owners extant, but at least we can track the history of individual units that pass through our hands.
Hello to you all. My first posting. Humax do sell direct (Managers specials) so I would have thought that is where returned items go (after testing). I looked there for a 1tb T2 but they only give a 1 year warranty.
Only had mine a week but am delighted with it so far. Migrated from a Toppy after Freeview HD came.
I am sure you will not be disappointed. I still have a Topfield 5810 (two actually - one is a working spare), working alongside the HDR Fox T2.

Out of the box, the HDR is a excellent piece of kit. I can be further 'enhanced' by running custom firmware.

I have yet to have a failed recording with the Hummy.

Welcome to the forums.
Called Humax support this morning and they told me to do a factory reset. Done (without the HD format!); we'll see if it makes any difference to stability over the next few days. (I have my doubts; presumably they tell everyone to try this first).

[We got the (first) Humax back in Feb after our Topfield 5810 became too flaky; seemed like it was likely the dreaded Toppy PSU problem but the situation didn't improve even with a PSU swap. I also discovered the USB port had completely died so seems like the electronics were pretty fried. The only thing I really miss about the Toppy is the EPG giving more of a view into the future - I'd prefer to see a long listing of the whole evening or so for one channel at a time than just the next couple of hours over several channels.]