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Unusual wifi behaviour


I've got at odd issue. I bought a compatible wifi dongle and originally couldn't connect until I renamed the router's SAID to the same but with underscores replacing spaces (then a wifi scan from the humax box found it).

Today, I had to reboot the router and the wifi connection from the humax has been lost (all the other devices in threw house that use wifi are still working ok.

I've checked the router config and it all looks ok. The humax can also see neighbour's wifi.

Any thoughts on what could be the issue?


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Try booting the router again, and if that fails try a factory reset. You've proved the connection can work, and all you've fiddled with to stop it is the router, so I say there's smoke coming from that barrel.


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Thanks for the quick reply, I found a solution, I changed the router's beacon interval down from 100 to 50 (to help with interference) and also fixed the channel to 13 (it was dynamically picking 1). Then it started working.

Dawned on me that we had a new central heating thermostat installed recently and it uses a wireless connection so that might be the cause of the issue.


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I have used Inssider to check my 'WiFi' zone. It's a good program. I used it to move my WiFi channel to a less cluttered part of the spectrum. Worked for me.