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Unviewed flag not removed when recording deleted from webif

Hi guys,

I deleted an unviewed duplicate recording via the webif a couple of weeks ago. I have since viewed all remaining recordings in the folder, but the folder is still showing the unviewed flag in the top left corner.

Can anyone help?


Staff member
Yes, the easiest way is to remove the hidden .series file in the folder but that's a command line operation at present.
The next version of the web interface will have a way of resetting the not viewed flag if you can wait a few more days.


Staff member
If you update to webif 0.9.6-2 then there is a new webif browser option in the OPT+ menu for a directory called 'Reset new flag' which rescans the directory and fixes the flags to match the recordings within.
Thanks. A couple of quick questions. I'm running the following.

Humax firmware: 1.02.20
Custome Firmware: 1.17
Webif: 0.9.2-2

When I check for package updates via the webif, it is saying that there are no updates to install. Do I need to uninstall the current webif before installing the latest webif, or update the custom firmware or both? Is the opt+ option only avaiolable via the webif or can you do this from the remote? Will this kill the folder association with the series?


Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
You may have jumped the gun a bit, 0.9.6-2 is available as an upgrade from the Web-If Now, You don't have to unistall either the current Web-If or the Custom Firmware, new OPT+ features refer only to the Web-If OPT+ not the Remote Control key
This isn't going too well. I'm trying to upgrade the webif, but I keep getting the following error.

* opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /tmp/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable.
I can't uninstall packages either.

When I first connect to the webif, it says that a recording I watched earlier is being watched. I deleted this earlier this evening.