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Following a recent update from Humax, and despite still receiving a perfectly acceptable signal from whatever live TV channel I happen to be watching, I now receive the following message: "Due to technical difficulties, the service you require is currently unavailable. Please try again later". This flashes on the screen every ten seconds and it persists, even after a fresh reinsta. Likewise, rebooting the recorder has no beneficial effect. I have struggled to understand why I'm receiving these messages, but all I know for sure is that it's driving me round the twist. So any advice about how to be rid of it would be gratefully received. If not, the only other form of redress will be a large piece of wood and the Basil Fawlty approach.


PS. The recorder in question is a HD-FOX T2.
Do you have HDMI and SCART connected at the same time? This is the sort of thing that happens if the HDMI is unable to complete its handshake for secure transport.

The update is probably a red herring, but you can check by re-installing an older firmware (available via links HERE - click).
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Hi - no, there aren't any SCART connections on my TV setup, just the standard HDMI ones. On the other hand, I do use as connectors to my wi-fi setup at home a pair of TP-Link ethernet adaptors. These, though, are at present connected to the TV and I'm bound to say that the TV itself, plus any PC or smartphone connected to the system, continues to function flawlessly - i.e. no unwanted onscreen messages - unlike the Humax. I will give your link to the older firmware a try and see what happens.

Many thanks for getting back to me,


PS. Other than by this means, how else am I to supposed to respond to a direct question to an original query of mine - given the prohibitions imposed upon new members of this forum?
Ouch! Things have been tightened up because of a rash of spam posters, but I thought that was only to the extent of inhibiting the inclusion of URLs. Disabling the quick reply box and Reply button seems excessive - if that's what has happened.

I will suggest to the Mods they combine the topics.

Update: they have now!

I am confused by your problem particularly your reference to ethernet adaptors and your original statement that you are receiving a perfectly good signal from whatever live TV channel you happen to be watching.

Are you talking about a problem with your HDMI connection from your HD to your TV? Or is it a networking problem?

That's a point. The wording of that message sounds very like what you get on iPlayer rather than anything else, although the "flash up every 10 seconds" doesn't - that bit sounds more like HDMI syncing.
This sounds very much like an Interactive Services MHEG (Red Button) problem.

Does this happen on all channels, or is it just with BBC channels?

Have just bought an HDR-FOX T2 and have this problem also. Only seems to happen on certain channels (CBeeBies and BBC3/4 - interestingly, they're being broadcast at 576i).

Is there a way to disable Interactive Services - assuming this is the route cause?
Have just bought an HDR-FOX T2 and have this problem also. Only seems to happen on certain channels (CBeeBies and BBC3/4 - interestingly, they're being broadcast at 576i).
All Standard Definition Freeview TV is transmitted in 576i, Hi-Def is currently at 1920X1080i/p (It was 1440X1080i)
I've managed to 'fix' this by re-tuning. I'm not sure why a re-tune fixed it, though do wonder if reinstating all the channels I had manually deleted from the channel list has anything to do with it.

I had previously deleted: BBC Red Button channel and all channels duplicated by HD services i.e. BBC1, ITV, Channel 4.
The same problem has been mentioned elsewhere, and it has given me the clue. I believe this difficulty results from having deleted the BBC Red Button service on LCN 200 (105 before the retune last Autumn), or possibly the StDef version of BBC1 (because it was thought to be an unnecessary duplication of BBC1 HD).