Updating Custom firmware - a little advice please.

Hi all.

I currently running on software versions below:

Web if : 1.0.6—9
Custom firmware : 2.14
Humax : 1.02.29

I've had a look at the upgrade path on the wiki but didn't spot this combo so am not entirely sure how best to upgrade, what is my best route?

Also what are the differences in the versions available, is it just the Humax software they are based on which accounts for slightly different hardware on newer models?

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The custom firmware updates incorporate little things (usually) that make some of the more advanced packages possible, and/or additional diagnostics available via the Telnet interface. A certain amount of tailoring is necessary for a particular standard firmware revision, but recently the changes to the standard firmware were so minor that they could be incorporated into the CF (not counting 1.03.06).

In your case, loading the 2.19 for 1.02.32 will also update your standard firmware to 1.02.32 (but it isn't specifically in the table because going directly from 2.14/1.02.29 has not been tested). If you run into trouble simply install standard firmware 1.02.32 followed by CF 2.19/1.02.32.

To keep your packages (including WebIF) up to date automatically (not the base CF), add the autoupdate package.

For more info re standard firmware revisions, see Things Every... (click) section 1.