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Hello folks,

Really hoping someone can give me some advice ...

I purchased a HDR-Fox T2 a couple of months back and am running it without issue on the official firmware.

Today I picked up a cheap HD-Fox T2 with the intention of streaming programmes from the HDR-Fox to this HD-Fox box. However, I notice that the firmware on the HD-Fox is insanely old (v 1.00.08, 4 Feb 2010) - this version of the firmware isn't even listed in the firmware archive!

I suspect I need to update the firmware (as the TV Portal is not working and I believe other things like recording to USB won't work on such early firmware) but I'm wondering what version to go with?

In the future I plan to update to custom firmware but right now I'd like to stick with an official firmware. If I stick the latest official firmware on it (v 1.02.29) will this make it harder to update to the custom firmware later?

In short, what version of the official firmware should I stick on here?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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It's not a problem on these boxes to upgrade/downgrade to any version you want, but obviously the latest version will contain bug fixes and new features compared to the older ones.

Each version should come with a little text file explaining what has changed.

Custom firmware is also not an issue. Check out the wiki for the available versions for each official version.

Edit: I should also point out that the custom firmware goes on top of the official firmware, so you will need to flash it twice.

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1.02.29 is the latest official firmware available for download for the HD-FOX. Versions up to 1.02.32 have been seen on units from Humax direct. The latest version of customised firmware is 1.02.31/ CFW 2.23. Downloads can be obtained from here.
I would update to official 1.02.29 before installing custom firmware to get the latest loader and kernel versions. I presume it is OK to go straight from your version to 1.02.29, but am not 100% sure about this. You could always update to 1.01.12 which is the oldest version on the beta Humax website as an intermediate step, but this may not be necessary. Once updated to 1.02.29, you can update to 1.02.31/ CFW 2.23 if you wish. It is easy to revert to official firmware if you decide to later.

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Not necessary, go straight to 1.02.29 (which will then be 1.02.31 if you install CF afterwards).


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Thanks to all for the prompt advice - much appreciated!

Updated no problem to the latest fw (1.02.29). It actually has some functionality now as on that very early firmware nothing beyond the TV guide worked (no portal, couldn't read videos from the USB stick, no recording to a USB, etc).

Looking forward to testing out streaming next between the HDR-Fox and HD-Fox (before I try cfw) so may have a few more questions!

Thanks again to all :)