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I have two Fox-T2s, one of which I have already installed a 1TB drive but I did that before I put the CFW on so I'm familiar with the mechanics of it. I'm now planning to upgrade my 2nd one which already has the CFW installed. Am I right in assuming that after formatting the drive and I log in via the web portal it will be at the stage as below where it needs to download the stuff from the internet again?





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Yes, unless you somehow copy the /mod directory from the old drive to the new.
Some of the package settings which are stored in flash will be preserved however.


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I have just reached this stage myself having swapped out my 2TB Seagate pipeline HDD which was developing faults for a 2TB WD Purple HDD. I would now like to copy the /mod directory over but as I'm a Dos/Windows guy I was wondering what was the easiest way to do that, via Telnet and the command line with both HDD's attached perhaps?

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I am inclined to re-install from scratch rather than transferring - it has the effect of flushing the system.