UPNP issues serving SD to laptop


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I haven't had upnp enabled on my HDR-FOXT2 for ages due to conflicts with twonky in the past but i've just got the box all up to date and thought i'd give it a go again.

It seems things have changed as now we can share HD via upnp as long as it has had time to decrpyt it inside the box.

I have media tomb installed and all my content showed up...

However, I thought SD should just work straight away? It refuses to play on VLC on my laptop.
A decrypted HD file plays fine.

I didn't realise as well that 'content share' needs to be enabled for auto-decrypt to decrypt things.
I thought that should stay off if mediatomb was installed?

Have I just got to wait for it to go through all the videos now that 'content share' is enabled?

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All recordings on the HDR-Fox T2 are encrypted both Hi-Def. and Standard Def., there are several ways to achieve decryption, streaming is one, but to play a file the has been FTP'ed to a P.C. the file must have been decrypted on the Humax first. There is a flow chart of decryption options on the WiKi HERE

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If I am reading the OP correctly, the intention is to share HDR-FOX content by DLNA - so why use MediaTomb and not the native DLNA server?

To share by MediaTomb the content has to be decrypted first, and to do that the native DLNA server has to be turned on anyway. To share by the native DLNA server, StDef will be available immediately and HiDef only has to be tweaked using autounprotect (this does not decrypt it, decryption is done by the DLNA server).

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