USB Drive Folders vs NAS Folders

oijonesey SEO Guru
I am trying to organise my recordings onto additional storage. I have a USB drive hanging off the back and a Buffalo Linkstation Live DLNA NAS drive networked and both visible from the Hummy.

When I look for files to play on the USB drive I press Media on the remote, hit blue to change storage, then I can select the drive, and in the very next screen I get a nice folder list and list of files not in a folder which I can select to play, and organise the files/folders just as I want. Happy days.

However when I navigate over to my Linkstation I get three choices (Photo, Music, Video), I choose Video, then I get the option for All Video (slow!) or Folder so I choose folder. I then get a view of the folders on the NAS, one of which is Video (there's a photo and music folder at this level also) and then once I'm in there I can see my folders for each series, or films or whatever I've created.

When I navigate to the drive in windows the root directory has a folder called 'share' - this then has my Photo, Music and Video folders in - I think these are the folders I get to right at the end - so why does it ask me to choose Photo, Music or Video as soon as I get onto the box? I kind of wanted it to be as near the front as the USB navigation.

I've tried moving my folders further up the directory tree but then they don't show up. Does anyone know about this stuff? I've tried googling this but all the results keep referring to using software on a PC rather than a server. I also searched the Buffalo site but perhaps asked the question wrong as I couldn't find any explanation that helped me there either. Any information or help much appreciated.
I saw the same myself with media being shared via DLNA, it's a pain in the arse. I think it's just the DLNA standard that they be presented that way to cater for the not-so technically minded. I believe it is possible, with some DLNA servers, to change the way the media is presented to the client.

But as you can view the folder structure in Windows, I assume that the drive is also shared via SMB. Maybe you could try mounting the drive on the hummy via /etc/fstab (or wherever it resides in the modded FW)? This is assuming that the Samba package that is available is a client as well as server.
NFS is another option, and is far simpler to setup than Samba (in my experience, anyway).
OK thanks SiHa - I'll see if I can turn the server bit off and see if I can just see the folders that way. My other plan was to create new share folders for each of photo, video and music but not sure if that makes usability worse! Cheers anyway.