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Recently I wanted to play some 1080p WMV files on my HDR T2 via the USB. They would not play properly.
Can anyone tell me what the alternative formats I can convert to that the T2 can play. I have tried MP4 at the highest bit rate but the quality is not good enough

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MP4 with H.264 video and AAC audio can accommodate 1080p at 50fps (the maximum the HDR-FOX can output to HDMI), so I don't get what you mean. If you are trying to re-encode, the resulting quality will never be any better than the original (and probably worse).

I'm surprised WMV played at all.
I was using AnyVideo converter on my PC to convert. I just want to get somewhere near the original video quality. I will try a different converter. So MP4 is what the HDR T2 can play as well as TS files ?

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To retain the best video quality it is essential to avoid re-encoding. MP4, MKV, TS etc etc are "container" formats - methods for multiplexing multiple data streams into one delivery stream. The individual data streams are the video, audio, subtitle, alternative language audio, etc etc. Video may be encoded in a number of ways (MPG, H.264...), audio may be encoded in a number of ways (PCM, MP2, MP3, AAC...). So, to be compatible with any particular player, the container format has to be compatible and the video and audio streams have to be compatible.

If the video and audio streams are compatible but the container is not, the best solution is to simply re-multiplex the existing video and audio streams into a compatible container. The next best is to keep an existing video stream and re-encode the audio stream. If you are obliged to re-encode the video stream as well, expect a loss of quality in inverse proportion to the time the re-encoding takes.

The HDR-FOX can play a variety of formats - see:

Index (click) >> Miscellaneous >> Video File Support & Manipulation >> Codec Support

General discussions about video format conversion etc (ie, subjects not specific to HDR-FOX even if they have application to it) have their own forum section here:

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Open your source file in VLC, and key Ctrl+I to obtain the media information. The "Codec" tab in the pop-up dialogue will tell you what the video and audio encodings are. Post them here and we can advise.


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It's American style 29.97 Hz frame rate for a start. Not really surprising it's unhappy, aside from any other problems from whatever the file contains.