USB HDD not recognised after standby


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Just purchased an HB1000s - setup went perfectly and connected a 2.5inch usb-powered external 1TB drive which the unit identified and requested it be formatted. I did this and the unit was then able to record programmes which I watched later in the evening. However, on powering up the unit this morning it claims it cannot see a USB connected drive - unplugging and replugging the drive makes the unit recognise it again !

Does it matter which USB port is used ? Anyone else had this behaviour ?
Doesn't seem to be a one off - if i power down the unit for a couple of mins and turn back on the hdd is still recognised. If the unit is left in standby for any long period (a few hours) the hdd seems to not be recognised on next power on ? Should I be plugging the hdd into the usb below the RG45 socket and not the usb on its own ?
It shouldn't make any difference, but you can try it! As a guess, I would say that the HDD isn't waking up fast enough for the Humax to see it as connected at boot, but faster than to be recognised as a newly connected device (and therefore in limbo).
ok - looks like it will be a case of trying the other usb port followed by a different external drive and possibly using a powered external drive - thanks for your insights !
Think its finally cracked ! The external USB drive came with a cable that had one USB at one end and 2 USB at the other end - turns out its one of the units that needs 2 sources of USB power ! Hooked the 2 USB to the 2 on the back of the HB1000S and all now seems ok.
No, but all PVR's are designed to have AV grade drives (designed for continuous recording of multiple streams). They also have less error detection (The odd corrupted byte will not be noticed). These drives also pull less power.
Humax always use them. (usually Seagate but other brands are used [Source: Comment by BobCat]
This is true, but you are referring to an internal HDD. This topic is about an external USB drive, and these are not sold as AV drives specifically. On my HDR-FOXes I have a variety of "portable" USB drives connected with no problems.

AFAIK, the only issues with external USB drives are start-up and operating current.
The original point was in relation of operating current as AV drives are low power.
That a drive needed two USB socket connections suggests that it is not low power.
It also rather depends as to how the drive is used, for example on the HB-1000S
the external drive is used continuously for the buffer.