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Does anyone know if the firmware supports USB keyboards? In particular, I wanted to buy a Microsoft ARC usb wireless keyboard for a WD Live and wondered whether it would work on a Foxsat HDR and a T2.
I have just tried a USB keyboard with my HDR-FOX T2 and it does not seem to work.
I have also tried a wireless USB keyboard and this doesn't seem to work either, so perhaps support is limited to certain types.
I think it should work, it is just whether there is any application reading it. How are you testing it?

I do have a small test program which will display the keyboard (or mouse) events if anyone is interested.
All I have done to test it, is to try and use the keyboard to enter text for a keyword search, and creating a new folder, but would be happy to try your test program.
I have tried again with a wired USB keyboard within your portal-xtra1, and it does indeed show keycodes.
Pressing F3 exits your portal and returns to the custom portal where the left and right arrow keys and Enter will allow you to select an option, however the Humax portal seems to have stopped working but this is probably not related, and generates a server not found message in the top left hand corner of the screen.
Pressing F12 whether in a portal or not, causes the box to crash and reboot.

So the keyboard seems to do nothing useful at the moment, perhaps things may change.

Edit: The problem with the Humax portal not working has been fixed by me turning on the HomePlug connected to my router in a different room. This should have been turned on by myself earlier using a remote controlled socket, which seems to work better when the remote control is pointing directly at it.:rolleyes: