USB memory stick fussiness


I've been trying to format an 8GB microSD card in order to copy HD recordings off the HDR via a USB card adaptor. I managed to format it as EXT3 in Ubuntu but when I put it in the Humax it reported it as being 500GB capacity with 0GB free :disagree:. So I asked the Humax to format it instead. First of all, it didn't offer me any option as to what format to use. Secondly, it ask me for the password to confirm :eek: which the manual says it should. Thirdly, it put four partitions on the card, although only the first one seemed to be usable - although it was reported as being 16GB capacity! The HDR copied the recording to it OK but I wasn't all that surprised to find that the computer refused to recognise the card at all afterwards.

Is the HDR usually as difficult as this about its USB media?
The guys at Humax probably didnt bank on someone attempting to format such a small capacity device OR you've just uncovered a bug that noone has come across before. It could be because you are using a MicroSD card adaptor which the Humax is thinking is a HDD :confused:.

The partitions are because that is how the Humax likes its external & internal HDDs (see the guides on MyHumaxForum).
You might be able to hack around this so you only have one partition, but you'll have to read up on it.