USB portable drive crashing HDR on start-up - SOLVED


This is just information on a problem solved in case it helps anybody.

I have a 1TB portable drive which works fine when connected to the HDR but I needed to swap it for a 2TB. I bought a Toshiba 2TB portable (powered through USB) which worked fine when I plugged it in to a running HDR however if it was plugged in when I booted up it would crash the machine requiring a hard power off at the back.

Humax support apparently don't test above 1TB and could provide no ideas.

Figuring it may be surge power requirements at boot up I bought a D-Link powered hub and everything now works fine, I run both portable drives (1TB and 2TB) off the hub from the front and another 1.5 powered drive into the USB port at the back. It takes quite a long time to access them when swapping to USB storage but it all works and it sees both drives through the hub as independent systems.