Using Acronis for HDD upgrade to 2TB


I am about to upgrade the HDD of my HDR Fox-T2 to 2TB. I have read the Wiki entry on this topic, but am a little uncertain about dealing with the block/sector alignment issue. I have also read elsewhere of a procedure for cloning the drive using PartedMagic ISO image file, and this does seem to be a straighforward way to transfer all the Humax's settings and all the recordings. But I am wondering if there is any reason why I can't simply use Acronis TrueImage 2014 to clone the disk to the new drive.

TrueImage 2014 cannot be used for file-level operations with the EXT3 file systems (file backup, recovery, search, image mounting and file recovering from images) nor for storing backups on EXT3 disks or partitions. But (unlike earlier versions of TrueImage) TrueImage 2014 does support backup/recovery operations for EXT3 disks or partitions.

Is there any reason why a simple cloning operation (including resizing the main partition) using Acronis TrueImage 2014 would not work? And would this deal with the block / sector alignment issue?
My advice is simply to install the new HDD and use the Humax to format it under firmware version 1.03.12. If you wish you can then copy anything you want from the old disk onto it.