Using Fox-Sat HDR to receive new satellites or transponders


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I would like to use the Fox-Sat HDR to view TurkSat but the transponder list is not correct (or up to date). Using the standard interface does not allow transponders of an existing satellite to be be changed. Nor does the function to create a new satellite work, and only the last transponder is saved, losing all previous.

My questions:
Is it possible to update the transponder list of a satellite?
Can the function to add a new satellite be corrected to work?
Can there be a web interface to do this as it is a long process to enter all information?


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As far as I can establish, Turksat is on a satellite at 41.9E. No matter which satellites are listed on the HDR, you can only receive the programmes from the various satellites if the dish is pointed at the right satellite. If you are in UK then it is likely that your dish is pointed at 28E, so without a steerable dish or multiple LNBs you will not get programmes from any satellite not located at 28E (or the satellite group that the dish is pointing at).
From the south coast (Hastings) here are the dishpointer pointing parameters
Distance: 39550km
Elevation: 20.0°
Azimuth (true): 131.2°
Azimuth (magn.): 132.0°
LNB Skew [?]: -28.3°

Dish Skew [?]: 90.0°