Using more than 1 Humax box in the same room


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Using more than 1 Humax box in the same room

From the site, that is now suspended: Originally posted by Barry

Multi Code function HDR remote
Revealed exclusively to members.
If you are using more than one receiver in the same location you can change the remote control frequency so that the remote control commands do not conflict.
(This is only relevant to the Foxsat HD, HDR, and HDCI 5000, and HD/HDR T2 freeview products.)

1. Switch on your TV set and the Humax product that you wish to change the remote code.
2. Make sure that the other Humax product that you do not wish to control is in Standby or powered OFF at the mains.
3. Point the remote control towards the remote control sensor of the target receiver.
4. Press and hold the 0 and OK buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds until the PVR button on the remote stays red.
5. A message will appear on the TV screen:

"You can change the remote control mode.
Press a Numeric Key (<1> ~ <6>) to select the mode
Current mode: Mode 1."

6. Press a NUMERIC button (from 1 to 6) to select a different mode.
7. A message confirming the change of Mode will appear on screen.
Re: Using more than 1 Humax box in the same room

this is a very good piece of information thanks for posting it here i have now made this topic a sticky
I understand that this can only be carried out on the kit listed above but if I were to purchase a FOX HDR-T2, would this clash with my existing 9300t?
Thanks for that - as it happened, her indoors got a bit shirty about the ever-increasing 'tower' of PVRs so I got rid of the 9300t whilst was still worth something!
Probably looks like I'm being megalomaniac here, but I wonder if this topic still rates to be pinned? Especially as it is listed in the index.
I've referred Digital Spy users to this thread a couple of times recently - it seems to be a common concern.
Many thanks for this info. Have just done this and now my Foxsat HDR and my new Fox HDR T2 are now controlled only by their own remote units.