Using son_t/phew cable adapter from PVR-9200 in PVR-9300


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Have just changed from a failing PVR-9200T to a PVR9300T.
I'd like to take the son-t/phew cable adapter I made out of the old Humax and install in the new Humax. I have used HumaxRW a fair bit for transferring files in and out, and would like to continue this. The mod is very useful in that it provides via an IDE adapter a USB wander cable that plugs into the PC, allowing access to the HDD while the Humax is in standby mode.
Does anyone know if the HDD ribbon in the 9300 is the same as the 9200?
I have checked the original mod website at but it is currently awaiting payment from the organisers.


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There is a mod for the 9300T. It involves using esata conections so that the data cable from the drive to the board goes out of the box and back in. Where the cable is accessible on the ouside of the box you have an esata to esata connection which can then be disconected so thatt you can use the HDD half to connect to your PC.

You end up with SATA HDD connected to a sata to esata cable. That sata to esata cable goes out of the box and when the box is in use is connected to an esata to sata cable that is connected to the 9300T board. I seem to remember that the last cable was in fact two cables esata to esata and esata to sata., or perhaps the extra cable was just to make it a bit longer so it could reach your PC.

The online discriptions that I was aware of don't exist anymore but there may be others. Don't just look for the 9300T mod but also for the foxsat mod which is excatly the same and came first.

Inside the 9300T unit the SATA drive has its data and power connection in one molded unit. There is an old post on (somewhere) where the owner (begins with an "A"?) sawed it in half to keep the power cable and replace the HDD 's data cable with a sata to esata cable. If I recall correctly they had a backup of some sort if it went wrong.

The next challange is to find short cables that are long enough for the loop out and back into the box but short enough that the sata data conection still works.

When this mod was first used on foxsats it was more common for PCs to have esata connections, but these days you may need an extra adapter to connect to a PC.