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Using VLC 2.0 to stream Humax content

Hi all, I'm able to stream content from my HDR-FOX T2 using XBMC, but I'm not too keen on that application. Instead I've installed VLC 2.0, however I can't get it to "see" the Humax on the network, nor can I find online anywhere a guide for how to connect it.
Any help gratefully received.
Many thanks.


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Open the View menu and select Playlist. Expand Local Network and select Universal Plug'n'Play. You should then see your Humax; if not, you have a problem...
Thanks fenlander - I followed your instructions but the Humax isn't listed there (only my Sonos kit). Strange, as I can see the Humax via HBMC and also under Network in Windows...
first time I used it, it took 15 mins to actually find my hummy and another 5 mins or so to populate the vids etc . So I suggest open it and leave for a while because it'll try to cataloque your Sonos first, then it'll go and look for other devices
Hi all, still having some issues with this - it's hit and miss as to how long VLC takes to find my Humax. Sometimes it appears right away underneath my Sonos in the list of devices, but most of the time it seems to be doing a complete (ie 1 hour's-worth) catalogue of the Sonos before I can access the Humax - which kind of defeats the object if I want to watch something in the other room there and then.

Is there a way of excluding the Sonos from what VLS scans (other than turning off the Sonos bridges, which I don't really want to do as you have to pair them up again next time)?

Many thanks for your help.