Using wifi to access bbciplayer

Julie Adams

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I have just bought a HDR FOX T2 today and see that it is possible to access bbciplayer by wifi. I am not particularly savvy with technology, but have wifi from my computer. I have had a look at other threads and it seems to be saying that it is quite straightforward to use a dongle. Is it as easy as it seems??!! i.e. to buy a dongle, plug it into the humax box and hey presto it will pick up on my wifi??! Or am I being a bit naieve??!! If it is as straightforward as this, which dongle do I need?? Any help and advice very much appreciated!!
That's basically right. You buy a dongle either from Humax ( or a compatible one from a third party - someone here will be able to advise. Then you need to tell your Humax which wireless network to connect to and the wireless key (password) if you have one set and that should be it.

If your broadband router has fixed network ports on it as well and is close enough to your Humax, then you can just use an Ethernet cable to connect the two instead.
Thank you very much for posting your reply so quickly!! I have a talktalk wireless router, but can't unfortunately use an ethernet cable as it is in a different room. Presumably when you say I need to 'tell my humax which wireless network' I do this using the handset?? (I haven't yet plugged the humax box in yet - but saw the leaflet with it about the tv portal and am quite excited by the prospect of being able to use iplayer - fingers crossed that I can achieve it!!! Thank you again!

I've not set up WiFi, I use HomePlug to get my network to the Humax (which was easy). However, I can assure you that as long as you get a known compatible WiFi USB dongle, you set it up through the Humax on-screen menus (using the Humax remote) and everything is plain sailing.
Gee - you guys are so helpful on here!! I am glad I did a bit of surfing around to find this!! Any advice on a compatible Wifi USB dongle? I see the link for the Humax one, but am aware that there are others from reading other threads - although would not want to compromise being successful if they would not be as good (that being said, also have to watch the pennies!!) Thanks again!!!
Many thanks again - had a look at the thread - and it looks like the best one would be either the EW-7711UAn or the EW-7711USn. Any advice as to whether either of these would be preferable to the other? Or does it not really matter?
The only major difference between the two is that the USn version has a detachable antenna. That's useful if you want to attach a bigger antenna or to site the antenna elsewhere, but most people at home would achieve better transmission/reception by using a USB extension lead and moving the whole dongle to where it works better. Conversely, the UAn version is smaller so it will be easier to fit into confined spaces, for instance stuck in the back of a PVR.

If space is limited, buy the UAn version, but if you get an offer of a good price on a USn, then go for it.
I have the Edimax EW-7711USN dongle, and it works perfectly. The dongle itself is quite large, but I have the (included) extension cable plugged into the back, and the dongle on my TV cabinet hidden behind the telly. This way it's not hidden/trapped by anything and the signal strength is really good :)
Another factor is that people have reported a WiFi dongle to upset the DTV reception on weaker channels, if the dongle is too close to the aerial feed. Moving the dongle away on a USB extension lead would be a good idea.
Many many thanks to you for posting replies! Very much appreciated!! Have now installed the Humax (believe me, even that is an achievement for a 57 year old technophobe who tries hard!!) and am acquainting myself with all those buttons!!! Have ordered the wifi dongle for stage two of my venture!! Fingers crossed - but for sure if I struggle, I may just be back!!! Thanks again!