what is the latest version for hd fox t2
Good question. I think 1.02.32 has been reported on refurbished machines coming from Humax but has never been made available for download. The latest version on the Humax beta site is 1.02.29.
KZTFT 1.02.28 is mine. I dont think Im going to be able to pull files of my hdd without customising. Ill leave it as it is, its good for freeview an youtube, the internet radio wont work though. Its very good for streaming videos too.
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(sorry, I cocked up the link in my last post, now corrected)

Update to 1.02.29 and Internet Radio will start working.
is there a link to 1.02.29 without hassle ?
Thanks black hole ive looked at your work,, God bless

First post! I have an HD-FOX-T2. I did a firmware upgrade via USB so I could plug in an HDD & record. This has worked out well. I am not using the custom software, though I have considered it.

I got all excited when I saw a listing for an OTA update to HDR-FOX-T2 on 27-28/02/2014 & 06-07/03/2014)

Finally, I realised I was a victim of 'similar model number error'. Checking here shows my box is probably up to date as I think the last update was July 2012 (1.02.xx). I can also see that HDR-FOX-T2 has had a number of updates since that time.

So, questions:
1. Are there likely to be any further updates for my box? (I understand there may not be a definitve answer.)
2. Given that the HD + HDD is basically the same as the HDR but with only one tuner, are there improvements or additional functionality that I might be missing out on? I'm thinking general improvement, better/more apps etc.
3. If so, would the custom software include that functionality?

I checked the FAQ and see fresh downloads won't affect any custom software I might install - other than requiring it to be reinstalled on top.

Thanks in advance
1: Who knows?

2: No new apps, just ability to control it over the network (and do stuff with your recordings). Start with my links below.

3: That's what the custom firmware does.