Very sloooow...


Traveler 34122
I am finding access to very slow. All other websites I visit are working OK so I am reasonably sure its not my connection.

It seems to be happening more and more this week and it noticably worse toninght.

Perhaps its a victim of it's own success?

Has anyone else experienced this?
yeah, slight issue with the server today - all back now :) Lost some images though so will have to upload your avatars again - sorry folks.

I was wondering what had happened to my avatar. I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown when I got a 404!
Seized the opportunity to use another, more appropriate one, as I am a big W&G fan.

It is surprising how you 'get attached' I was wondering all sorts. Like Has it been shut down because of the custom f/w etal. Thankfully panic over. Wonder if that was why its been a little slow at times this week. Impending failure?
The HDD failed which could have been the cause of the slowness... does it feel better now?


I take that back, it's gone slow again! My other sites seem fine so I don't think it's any issues here - but I am always ready to be proved wrong.
Nobody else is complaining Wallace; do you run adblockers or anything? I'm accessing this site from work now from a connection that is shared with over 50 people and the site seems to load fine..

TBH, yes I do run AdMuncher and MalwareBytes.

If no one else is commenting then it must be something at my end, regardless! I will check things out again here.