video over network issues.


I have recently been messing with some of the packages availible for the custom firmware and have come across a bit of an issue.

I can see all the file on my PC via Mediatomb I believe that is the addon that gives me that facility but when I double click on a file within the directory listings it will not play the file on my local computer at all. I can get them to play from loading windows media player and browsing to the humax and then cutting and pasting the link into vlc as a network stream that works without any issues at all but it would be nice if I could browse to the folder and watch it like that.

On another point when I try to access my network shares from the humax they dont seem to work. The `connecting....` thing somes up but eventually just goes away again. I have a ton of kids programs that I have stored on my pc for the kids and it would be great to be able to access them remotely from the humax.
If you are really seeing your recordings via MediaTomb please understand that they will have to be decrypted first. Are you using an HD-FOX? If it is an HDR-FOX get rid of MediaTomb and turn on the native DLNA server instead - that will decrypt StDef recordings on the fly, although you will still need to auto-unprotect HiDef.

The other issue is what you are using on the PC to play them. For DLNA streaming your only options (that I know of) are VLC 2.0 and XBMC (the latter is StDef only). Previous versions of VLC would stream the content if given the proper URL but VLC 2.0 is abe to navigate the DLNA hierarchy (which is a database view rather than an actual disk directory).

For streaming the other way, you will either have to install network sharing on the Humax or provide a DLNA server on the PC - again XBMC is your friend.

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Hi Black Hole, thanks for the quick reply. I will uninstall mediatomb i didnt really like the look of it anyway and I am running on a HDR. I will get out the links, is there any easy way to setup network sharing on the humax?