Video Resolution


When I first set up my hummy my TV only had a maximum HD resolution of 576p. I have now purchased a new tv that has a maximum output of 1080p. I'm struggling to find in the menu options an option to change. I've just read something about the installation wizard to set this feature. Do I have to reset my hummy from scratch?
You just change it with the V-Format button on the remote control.
You would have selected the original resolution during the setup wizard but the option doesn't appear in the menus after that.
Thank you. I looked at that - but assuming I must have set the resolution to 576p when I set up the hummy does that mean I now have to press the V-Format button every time I look at the hummy? I.e. every time I switch on the hummy is it set to 576p by default - I can change to 1080p by pressing the V-format button but the next time I switch on it will be back to 576p.