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Video stops during play (randomly)

I'm having random issues when playing back a file stored on my server (Windows XP). I have installed the SMB/CIF package and the server is connected to the Humax via a Powerline Adapter. In most cases (99%) the video plays ok, howver on occassions the video constantly stops. I have rebooted server, router, humax and powerline adapters though the problem continues. However I could successful play the video the next day with no issues, so its not the video file. I have switched off all but the server, router and humax to determine if another n/w device is causing the problem but it still continued. Any ideas?

Black Hole

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You do not need the Samba package for DLNA streaming. Beware however that the stream to the Humax client will bomb out at the 4GB point in the file.
Stream to Sony TV, xbox, ipad, use Samba for Humax. It seems that Serviio seems to slow the PC down when it is indexing files from the Humax. Having changed the Serviio config seems to have sorted the problem