VideoReDo Batch Convert Sound Problem

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I have a number of video files in 16:9 that I am converting to letterboxed 4:3, and setting a custom profile in VideoReDo means all I have to do is load a file and output it (using the relevant profile). OK so far.

Then I found I could use the batch manager to queue up all the files and let it run unattended. OK as far as it goes...

The output when I run the conversion manually is fine; the output of batch conversions has the soundtrack screwed up (plays double speed and ends half way through the video). I can't find any mention of this in the VideoReDo forum, nor in the changelog so I am reluctant to update with just a hope it will cure the problem (running

Anyone more familiar with VRD: do you get the same?
Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Well, I bit the bullet and updated to Batch mode seems to work now... except the processed file is now larger than the original!

Original (.MOV): 90.2MB
Processed with (with good sound, .MP4): 89.2MB
Processed with (.MP4, same presets): 95.3MB
As above, but two-pass encoding: 88.7MB
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