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I have bowed to the inevitable, bitten the bullet, and bought this - but it cost £66.71 which I think must be the most I have ever paid for a single piece of software.

However, that said, I am very impressed with the results (bloody should be at that price). I manually edited up a StDef recording of Foyle's War (not tried the auto-ad function yet) and output the edited file in about 10 minutes total, resulting in a file just over 1GB (down from 1.4GB). Doing the same in my usual video editor package (involving re-encoding) took hours and produced a file in excess of 3GB.

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VRD v5 people, got any tips?

The timeline shows the succession of video frames and the amplitude of the audio track (very handy), but advert breaks start with a channel ident frame which appears before the programme soundtrack completely fades out. If I just remove the section between the last programme frame and the first programme frame after the adverts, there will be a sudden transition from one scene to the next, and there will be a sharp chop in the audio.

What I want to do to make this neat (and what I would do in my "proper" video editor - by which I mean all the bells and whistles) is insert about 0.8s of black between the scenes, with the sound track running into the black section. Any ideas if VRD can do this, and if so how? I had a little play with titles, but couldn't see what effect it was having (maybe titles only go at the start). I see there is a frame capture, and I can capture a black frame, but I can't see any way to paste the captured frame into the time line.

All it really needs, to make this work, is a means to paste a captured frame into an existing frame (or a selected succession of frames).
The only way that that you can do this with VRD is split video where you want the cuts add them to the joiner with your black frame captures added to the joiner between the sections you want. When saving the joiner you'll get you video with edits and its added blanks.
I did similar with the first series of the new thunderbirds series, joining the first six episodes with the titles and end credits of the middle four episodes removed (The opening and end credits are at each of the video where you want them). And it came out absolutely fine, creating and video of duration of 2.5 hours. Repeated the same with the last six episodes as well. It works quite well actually and once you've done the editing the output is generated in the usual speedy VRD fashion. And the playback at the joins showed no signs of any disruption to the picture or sound.
Hope this helps
Yeap it will. But if your inserting a 0.8 second black level you'll need to add extra audio to the black level insert you use. You cannot use the existing audio if you are increasing the length the video track without equally increasing the length of the audio track, else your going to get audio/video sync issues. You can't have you audio running into your inserted black level segment as you suggest unless you stretch it, insert an equal length piece of new audio, or mute the audio during the black level segment.

Like you I normally use an all singing and dancing video editor. But VRD is perfect for the recordings made by the HDR's. It gives you quick and simple frame accurate editing. I do all my ad removal manually. Primarily because I want the cuts where I want them not where the ad detect usually marks them. It allows me join and encode video in the formats I normally use and it does it quickly. If I need to do anything fancy then I'll use the other software which like you have pointed out takes much longer to render the final output, but give you what you want.

VRD TVsuite 5 has now become pretty much my one stop video editing tool for all my HDR recordings.

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I think you missed the key point. Typically the audio bleeds into the channel ident ahead of an advert break, so splitting the video at the frame before the first ident frame results in a sharp chop of the sound track. What's wanted is a way to keep the sound track but make the video frames black.
BH No I didn't. If that the case then VRD cannot do it.
In most cases that I have seen. VRD generally fast frame copies the video and only recodes at the joins. Unless you force to it recode or are outputting in a completely different format. It cannot composite two pieces video.
With what your trying to do, you will need to recode and composite your black level onto the original video on top of the cut point, assuming you have cut and split where the audio fades and re-starts and joined them back together. So it's over to the all singing and dancing video editing software to do that then. (I use two editors depending on what I'm editing. Sony Vegas Pro and EDIUS Pro).
Another point to note in VRD is that you also need to make any cuts on a IDR frame if possible. I've noticed that if you don't you'll sometimes get some quite bad pixilation at the join on playback.

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The specific case I have in mind is a seamless edit of Foyle's War. I don't want the quality deteriorating any further by re-encoding. I have thought about editing the sound track separately and then remuxing to join the video and audio together - I don't know how good the sync will be afterwards.
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I assume the case your on about is in SD. Therefore I understand your reluctance to recode. I would get round it by recoding at a high data rate than the original recording to minimise the losses. I do this with my HD camera recordings which are hanging around the 25Mbits/s mark. I recode at about 60Mbits/s and edit with the high data rate files. The final composited output is then recoded at the original data rate.
The EDIUS software is best for this. I know it's a bit long winded but it does work really well.

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...but my plans don't allow for a significant increase in bit rate either!

I have proposed to the VRD people that they make it possible to "censor" selected video frames while leaving the sound track unaffected. Meanwhile, mainstream video editors really ought to be able to edit without re-encoding except where necessary, in sections where there are cuts and splices!
That'll be interesting if the give it that capability in future releases. And I agree with you on the mainstream editors. If a cheap and cheerful like VRD incorporates an
intelligent recode feature why can't they.

I'm going to have a play with this and see what I can and cannot get VRD to do with regard to what you are trying to achieve.
Exporting the edited audio only from a standard video editing package is pretty quick as is remuxing with TSmuxerGUI. Some experimentation with the audio synch settings in TSmuxer may be required (+100 works for me).


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I've been trying out VideoReDo TV Suite V5: the trial version has full functionality but is limited to 8 days. I have just been doing topping and tailing and removal of adverts with 'fast stream copy', i.e. with no transcoding, just fixes and remuxing.
I have noticed a significant bug when processing H264/ AAC recordings (from an HDR-FOX T2) with respect to the audio description stream. The audio description tracks (as interrogated by ffmpeg) are in 'HE-AACv2' format and are tagged as 'visual impaired'. After processing in VRD, the streams are reported as being in 'HE-AAC' format and lose the 'visual impaired' tag. The upshot of this is that when played back on the HDR-FOX, the audio description stream is treated like it is a second main audio stream. You can either play the main stream or the audio description stream, it does not mix the two together. So you can have the action described to you but no dialogue to go with it. I will e-mail the company and see what they say.