Viewing Kodak DX camera photo's on the Hummy



Hi Folks, here's a question for anyone out there with a Kodak DX series camera. Have you ever managed to view a photo taken with this type of camera on your Humax HDR ? I never have been able to, with any photo taken from my DX6490 or my friends (different model) Kodak DX ???? camera. Any other photo taken with any other camera is fine. It's never really bothered me 'till now. 'er indoors wants to be able to look at my Son's wedding pics on the telly, and, you guessed it, i used my camera :(
I've tried resizing, reformatting pics and loads of other things, but to no avail.
Any ideas ?

What file format are they (the bit after the dot ie .BMP, .JPG, .PNG etc). If you upload one to a file I can look. When you connect the usb device to a hdr you do know you have to press blue to tell the hdr to look for .jpg photo files. If you understand these things the best ones are cropped to 16:9 and resized to 1920 x 1080 pixels using a photo editor.
Hi Graham. Problem solved :) The files are .jpg and the problem was the actual pixel size. My camera (set on Best picture quality) takes photos at 2304 x 1728 and the Hummy doesn't like that for some unknowm reason. However after following your advice i googled a free photo batch resizer and done a set of pics to 1920 x 1080 and Voila. I don't know why this never worked in the past when i tried it, maybe i'd set the sizes wrong in my photo editor and they were ok on a PC but, again, to big for the Hummy, although istr doing various different pixel sizes ? Anyway, 'er indoors is now happily reminiscing my Sons wedding day , so :) All i have to do now is work out why my USB sticks can't be read by the Hummy, they used to be fine, (yup, formatted to FAT32) this is since the update, thank god for Raydons s/w, or i'd never have got them on there in the first place !
Thanks for your help.

Odd I think it must be down to the file format rather than the size. My hdr will playback 3872 x 2592 jpegs straight from Nikon DSLR. Waiting for them to load is like watching paint dry though :eek:
I have seen a number of discussions elsewhere on the way that some cameras implement jpeg in a very odd way that confuses other devices. I would speculate that the OPs problem was solved by the resizing application tidying up the file format rather than the actual change of resolution.
Hi Martin, That may be the case, i'm not sure. However after having a look on my camera i have a setting that's "Best 3.2", same picture quality as "Best" but they do play fine on the hummy at 2304 x 1536 as opposed to 2304 x 1728. It may well be a quirk of the Kodak as my friends Kodak (different model of DX) gives exactly the same problem ! I'll simply leave my camera on the 3.2 setting in future and hopefully problem solved.