Virgin Media

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
...are apparently so desperate for my custom they are offering me a HD TiVo capable of recording three channels simultaneously and another twin-record HD PVR for another room and six months Netflix and installation - all for nothing.

I'm not interested in their TV stuff, but if they were to offer me fast broadband plus landline phone for less than I currently pay (long term pricing, not introductory offers) I would consider it. However, somehow I suspect their offering hinges on the delivery of TV. Their essentials pack (no extra PVR, 30Mbps broadband, phone) is £19.50 per month - very worth while... but only for six months, £39 thereafter (must be joking).
Triple tuner? Why haven't Humax thought of that?

I would consider Virgin but they haven't cabled our road yet. They don't appear to know we have fibre, either.

"We've checked your postcode and unfortunately we can't bring you any Virgin Broadband, TV or home phone services."

Why not? Is that Outreach fibre too slow for you, Virgin?