Virus warning


When I attempt to download the Custom Firmware, McAfee is reporting potential viruses found so I'm reluctant to proceed.

Could anyone put my mind at rest?


Which of the Custom Firmware were you attempting to download? HD-Fox-T2? HDR-FOX-T2? 1.02.29? 1.02.28? 1.00.20? Which Mod?

The file share site also offers other downloads on its pages. Is it possible that you attempted to download one of te advertised downloads instead of the Custom Firmware?
It is more than likely a false positive, but to check what you have has not been corrupted somehow run a SHA1 hash on the downloaded file and compare the result with the published hash values.
I would suggest that any file that you doubt, whether it is Official or Custom Firmware be uploaded to where it can be checked against 42 current Virus checkers. It is also worth noting that it has been probably been checked on a system running Windows but the file won't be run in a Windows environment, It's a Linux program