VLC and VPN...


Traveler 34122
I have little network knowledge, just enough to get me by, but I am curious...

I have a VPN configured directly to my router an ASUS RT-AC88U and it works rather well. From my iDevices I can access my home network, printer, NAS, PC and Humax HDRs etc.

One thing that puzzles me, if I use VLC and try to view a recording on either of my HDRs, neither device shows up on the Local Network page of VLC, thus I cannot access any content.

Without the VPN, when I am actually at home and connected to my home network, I can access recordings on either box.

Is it possible to view content via a VPN connection? I realise my VPN IP address begins 10.8.x.x and my HDRs are on 192.168.x.x so I am guessing that is playing a part, but if so, how come I can access them at all?

You see, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing....