VLC Plugin Windows- should it be searchable?


Hello everyone,

I have had the vlc plugin set up on two windows 7 pc for ages in firefox. The search bar that comes up at the bottom of the video does not allow you move backwards and forwards through the program. The only way is the use the speed up and down buttons (which can be a bit fiddly, especially getting back to normal play speed).
Just recently I have brought an old XP notebook back to life with Lubuntu (linx). I setup firefox and the linux version of vlc with its plugin. To my surprise the search bar at the bottom of the video works under linux. I can move around the video with ease.

Should my windows setups be allowing the search control, or is linux just better :) ?

Interesting - I never got that facility to work with XP either.
I suggest it may be, at least in part, a combination of the FF version and the VLC version (which you haven't quoted).
I haven't used the VLC plugin since I started using RaspBMC on a Raspberry Pi (started as my old PC wasn't up to the video replay stuff)
Which versions...quite right, how remiss of me... Firefox 30.0 and VLC plugin All previous version of FF and VLC on Windows 7 have also did not given me a search bar to move around the video stream. There is a bar there, but it does nothing.
Could someone please confirm whether I should or should not be able to search under W7/FF?
Those are on my windows machines. If I hadn't built a Linux machine I would not have known the vlc interface could give a slider on the search bar.
So just to clarify, in FF on a W7 machine, when playing a recording from the Web Interface and you wiggle the mouse over the video, I get a search bar at the bottom, but it has no slider and if you click on it to move around the video the picture flashes but you don't change position.
Is this how it works on Windows or is something a miss?
I think it's all down to differences in the various browser plugins that VLC provides. In Windows it's the 'Mozilla' plugin for Firefox, and the 'ActiveX' plugin for IE and Chrome. With linux it's simply named 'browser-plugin-vlc'. As far as I am aware the search bar has never worked in the Windows browser plugins, so it appears that the linux version is superior.
Many thanks raydon for the clarification. Glad to know my windows setup is not missing something.