Volume change after remote scheduling?


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Has anyone noticed this - after a remote scheduled recording has been made, the volume level reduces to 50%?

Web interface version: 1.0.16-3
Custom firmware version: 3.00 (build 2137)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.00)
Has anyone noticed this - after a remote scheduled recording has been made, the volume level reduces to 50%?
I appreciate that you noticed a volume change after a remote scheduled recording had been made, but do you have any evidence that the two events are linked?
Well, it happened 2 or 3 times when I was testing out the remote scheduling which I had just installed (along with various other packages). I also had a couple of incidences of the unit freezing up when restarted (see elsewhere for previous incidents - restarting from the web interface). But when I restarted with the remote, the volume was as previously left (20). I thought it was strange that when this volume change happened, it was set at exactly 50% (10) each time, which looked like some kind of default. I couldn't find one anywhere via the menu, however. I have set another remote recording (and scheduled reboot) to occur tomorrow after the 10:00 wake up - I will see if it happens again.
Do you have the POC (Power On Channel) package installed? IIRC, you can set the volume as well as the start-up channel with that. If so, the setting there might alter the master volume at each boot, which is what is required after you use Remote Scheduler to set a recording.

I am not at home at the moment so cannot be 100% sure.
POC isn't installed, although I guess I could install it as a workaround. I just wanted to see if there was a known issue, or whether I have something set wrongly.
Well, AFAIK, it isn't an issue. Not with my units anyway. I would have thought that, as the RS facility has been around for quite some time, that other people would have commented by now.

Sorry, not much help to you I am afraid. Hopefully someone with greater knowledge will be along soon.
I can't imagine how these things could be connected. Recording schedule entries have no volume setting, and there is no reason they should have a volume setting. Reminder entries could conceivably make use of a volume setting (but as far as I can remember they don't have one). The only thing which does set a volume level is a timer on event.
@MarmiteSandwich: do you have an on/ off timer scheduled in the main Humax menus? There is a volume setting in there which is on 10 by default. Any additional on/ off timers added using the RS portal will pick up the default volume level from there. I think the on/ off timer settings are returned to default values after a retune. Did you retune last week when the channel number changes were made?
Thanks, Montys. I checked the Humax main menu and found the power on option - it was set to power on and power off at 10.00 and 10.15 respectively, as per the scheduled "wake up" and " sleep" events on the remote scheduler web page. As you correctly indicate, the default volume on this Humax setting is 10. So it seems that when you set the daily wake up event, you create a default volume of 10 for the next power on event. I have changed this and scheduled a recording for 11 today and I'll see what happens later.
That is what a wake-up event does. You didn't mention a wake-up in the OP, only a recording event.
Sorry I didn't make my question clearer. What I should have said was, power on volume of 10 seems to be a default side effect of implementing scheduled recording. When you implement scheduled recording, you, by implication, implement wake-up events, I think. This, by default, causes a recording level of 10 next time you power up. Whether or not you actually schedule any recordings. Is that more accurate?